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Say goodbye to lost pens and hello to the cutest pen pal ever - the Metallic Pen Loop in Rose Gold!


This little guy is ready to cling onto your favorite pen or stylus and never let it go. With a blushing rose gold finish, it's not just a pretty face, it's also super durable.


Whether you're doodling in your journal, taking notes in class, or just jotting down some ideas, this pen loop is here to keep your writing buddy by your side. It's easy to attach to any notebook or planner, and it's ready to hold all sorts of pens, from ballpoint to gel.


So, let's give a warm welcome to the Metallic Pen Loop in Rose Gold from Pepper and Cute! It's the perfect accessory to add some style and organization to your daily life. Get yours today and start writing your story in the cutest way possible!


The diameter of the spring ring can be expanded from 7 mm to 18 mm, and it can hold almost any size pen or pencil. Designed primarily for use on covers and boards ranging between 1mm-2mm in thickness.

Metallic Pen Loop - Rose Gold


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