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The New 2020/2021 Mid-Year Diary is here!

We are really happy to announce the launch of the last version of our cute diary.

For all of you who are using the mid-year version of our diaries, it's now possible to pre-order it and you'll be gifted with a fantastic toiletry bag!

This new version comes with many new features for you:

  • Sticky notes

  • New stickers

  • New sections

  • Ruler / Page Marker

  • Tabs

  • Plastic pocket

  • Trackers and time tables

And all the best of our previous versions of your favourite diary in the market! The only diary you'll use all year long and help you be organised and focused.

And it doesn't come alone! We have a new range of product to complement your new diary. All our new stationery sets are available to pre-order too.

All the pre-order will be shipped at the beginning of July.

The diary starts on 23/07/2020 and runs until 04/08/2021.

Check them out in our cute stationery shop!


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