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Get to know the Brand New Pepper and Cute DISCBOUND Planners and Notebooks

First of all, what makes disc binding so exciting in the first place? It essentially combines the greatest aspects of both spiral-bound and a three-ring bound planners.

It's simple to remove, add, and rearrange pages to suit your needs (just like you could in a 3-ring binding system). You will adore how simple it is to lift a page out or put it back in because there are no rings to open.

Another advantage is that it doesn't have the added weight of a traditional ring-bound system. There's no need for it to be as wide open on a desk because the discs don't take up much space. The discs are less disruptive to your writing than regular rings are. Additionally, it's possible to entirely fold the notebook back on itself like you could do with a spiral-bound notepad.

The punch does not eat as deeply into the page, which is another significant benefit of disc binding versus ring binding and because of this you have so much more room to jot down all your ideas!

How Pepper and Cute Discbound Planners and Notebooks Work

Round discs with a small lip on the edge are used in this system to hold the pages together. In order for the pages to stick to the discs, they are perforated in a special way.

The first thing you will need is some discs (or "rings"). These hold the planner or notebook together, they have a thin lip around the edge to hold the pages together.

The disc size is the main thing to take into account while selecting discs. Our larger discs (32mm) will store a greater number of pages and are the ones we include in our Planner Sets.

The smallest disc size (22mm) is recommended when you want to create a thin notebook with just some sections. Check out all the variety of colours of our Discs here!

Next up you will need one of our stunning discbound covers. This is the beautiful outer shell for your planner or notebook. We have the cutest cover designs for your discbound planner or notebook. They are cute, compact and cleanable. They can be switched out and removed. However, they are not as easy to remove off the discs as the pages are, so we wouldn't recommend changing the cover too frequently.

To fill it out, you'll need planning pages, sections or any of our cute fillers to insert into the planner or notebook.

You will definitely want to add some fun extras and accessories to your discbound planner or notebook. This includes things like a bookmark, a handy pocket, extra inserts, stickers, or dividers.

FAQs about Discbound Planning

Do the pages come off?

A: They do, but not accidentally! The fact that the pages do not fall out is fantastic news. You can shake your planner vigorously while holding it by one disc and nothing will come out. Just be careful to not fill the discs with too many pages; the pages will begin to pop out when you flip the planner if there are too many pages on the discs, but even then, they won't fall out at random.

Do the discs obstruct your writing in any way?

A: They can impede your progress just like the rings of a standard ring binder or the spiral of a spiral-bound planner might. But the great advantage of the discbound system is that you can rapidly remove the page, write what has to be written, and then quickly replace it. Popping a page out is so quick and simple (much easier than with a traditional ring bound system).

Are all the products compatible with the discbound system

A: All the products catalogued as DISCBOUND in our website are compatible.


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